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The Story Of The Watch
Window's Clock & Watch Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

He was very funny to see a little story, "I wear a watch".Because I happen to have one of these watches and A's, but all of them are sent by alumni.

The master of my name is a mainlander.His daughter just bought him a rolex watch from a foreign country.In order to show off, he let the doorman of the house see that the doorman is an old man, and he doesn't know that rolex is a famous brand, at least tens of thousands of yuan.Say "you this watch is good, value one hundred two."He was so angry that he had a crooked mouth.

Later, I met a friend who was a journalist and looked at his rolex, but said, "the fake watch is so exquisite, it's a real mess."He was mad at him for taking his real watch as a fake.

He also wore a rolex, but he was afraid to wear it now.It is because the director of the safety supervision bureau of shaanxi province put on more famous watches to expose his corrupt behavior, and many cadres have not been able to make appearances.

The author of the wear watches, because wear watches again many times by the thief, so on and market selling vegetables thinks he is wealthy, also won't let price, to plot the author draw, is to watch his story, the purpose is irony corrupt officials to wear famous brand.

In Hong Kong, there's a rolex watch, and there's nothing to it.Some mainland Chinese funds, to Hong Kong to purchase branded goods, think tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of rolex watches, only "zhong price list".Now they're going to be wearing hundreds of thousands of diamond-encrusted and millions of branded "top price lists."

I have a rolex worth tens of thousands of yuan. It is a birthday gift from overseas alumni.What I was wearing was indeed a few hundred yuan.As for A A's rolex, it's also from an alumnus.He said that at A local market in Shanghai, there was A sale of A rolex, which was A real mess, and it was A good idea to buy A hundred yuan for each one, so he bought A couple of them and gave them to me.Look at "this fake watch is so exquisite, it can almost be true", I also use it as a toy, not often.

The watch, originally intended for viewing time, is now a piece of jewelry for some people to show off their wealth, and for men and women to use it.A rolex can make up a small story and maybe write a novel in the future.

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